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Introducing IKKKO Create

As one of the core features in IKKKO, Create allows you to do all kind of simple notation needed to build songs, lessons or whatever has to do with music. Build chord progressions, melodies, riffs without knowing anything about the typical score notation, which is of course the best, but not easiest way to create a song. The approach of IKKKO Create is to simplify all the steps and knowledge on the way to your musical sketches. By using tablatures for string instruments and marked positions for the keys, you will have note values and fingerings just in one.


Keyboard and Fretboards
Create notes and chords directly there, where they are played. Choose from more than 30 standard intervals to build chords that fit to your ideas. Use the variation slider to get more fingerings that work. Drag and drop the notes and chords directly into the instrument tracks.

Three Kinds of Items
There are Media, Lyric and Noteitems which can be used in conjunction with each other. Create notes to video or audio, write lyrics to notes or comment the different parts of your project.

Undo and Redo, Copy and Paste
Don't worry about mistakes. The undo and redo helps you to keep control while composing. Copy and paste items or item groups to have more time being happy about your project.

Beat based Tracks
Use the beat grid with adjustable tempo to align everything to it's right place. The Beattapper helps you if you don't know which tempo you're working on.  

Media Library
Use the media library to manage your audio imports. You can mix multiple audio sources together.

Reverse Chord Lookup
Use the reverse chord lookup to find out, why your strumming actually sounds good. You can do this for both, strings and keys.

FM Instruments
Choose from 4 different instruments sounds to hear what you are working on. Mix the volumes to bring out what is important for you.

Regions and Looping
Use regions to divide the different parts of your project and loop the parts that rock.

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